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Basis is the Elisa Dorandt Re-SearchKnowledge to the Point

For the challenges of this time, every MENSCH needs a new live-Course:
All humans worldwide stamp with every footprint their highly explosive Emotionally charged live-Data-Trash = CO2 emission – methane, radioactivity and toxic gases into the earth.
The footprint of our chronology appears in fear, stress, diseases, in the climate…!

Elisa Dorandt

“I accompany you into the adventure life!

Humans have ears, but don’t hear…
They have eyes, but don’t see…
have a mouth, but don’t speak… only empty their Emotional Data-Trash!

In this 2-day Course you activate your lost Resource
For the first time, in this Course you realize your live-Data-Trash that determines your whole life, your everyday ballast… in the Prae-Re-Search you solve your problems by yourself.

Only here it is possible that you simply delete the live-Data-Trash = images, trauma… directly from the hard disk, thus your own future and that of your children is “sustainably” secured!
In the course, repressed Emotions = live-Data are erlebt in the 7th dimension and biochemically dissolved, instead of being reprogrammed with manipulative brain- structures as before. Only when the respective Emotion is intensively erlebt in the body, the mind is out of power, because the biochemical Data-Resolution in the cell-environment is only possible without the control of the brain. This Data-Reset happens quite simply in the second and creates a miracle in the whole body!

Thereby you have directly 1 Solution and you are freed from your annoying Data.
Afterwards you erleben amazing joy and you have, what you have always been looking for!
Emotional Data-Core-Competence is the key for a fulfilled life!

live-Data Reset for all areas in life
1 solution for everything!

Living Biology – Medicine
Dissolution of the toxic live-Data:
You dissolve your life-threatening atoms = Data-Software in the body-cells by yourself!

Cell-Intelligent Bodyforming – Charismatic Beauty
Emotions – brain-food…what you bottle up daily, think, must be digested.
CellWellness is the contemporary nutrition-formula, the Fresh-Cell-Code: Forever Young!

Business & Management – Communication.7D
Computers, AI, smartphones are technical aids for humans, not a substitute for life.
Humans have to find, develop their Original-Personality again, so that they are powerful and have a professional future.
The personalized supreme discipline is Emotional Data-Core-Competence!

Transformation of climate- and environmental crises, of the pandemic
The earth has been healthy at its core for billions of years…
the MENSCH rarely becomes 100… who has to save whom?
The earth has no problem, is healthy in the core – with its climate!
Only humans have a problem with their radioactive Data-Footprints and see the earthly climate from their life-devastating perspective = their exploding live-Data-Mass.
This New Knowledge is the contemporary life-compass, makes climate-transformation!

Here you make your “Master of live
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Elisa Dorandt
My profession is Clarification – live-Data-Dissolution
Elisa Dorandt