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The basis of the live Akademie is the empiric Ilse Elisa Dorandt Re-Search

Novelty = Original Knowledge
In 20-years Ilse Elisa Dorandt researched for the first time the original MENSCH.
Only thereby, the collateral damages of his dangerous live-Data have been recognized!

Elisa Dorandt: “After car accident with 18-minute death experience, long coma = brain deactivation, I erlebte my Original Schöpfung in light-frequency. With that I had insight into my existence MENSCH for the first time at the age of 31, discovered the Eternity-Database in the BLACK BOX, which is not recognized by brain-research medicine until today. After years, the doctors gave me up 100% disabled in a wheelchair… but I used the Original-Secret of live = reactivated my Schöpfer-Intelligence and thus healed, got up with my own strength!

PS: Medicine is neither good nor bad. Without medical treatment humankind would have long since extinct, because the live-Data-Trash explodes faster and faster! Unaware of the Original basis of life – basis of his body, humans today are science-loving, medicine-dependent!

I use the art of medicine, but act myself and clean up the cause = the explosion of my live-Data. Without self-responsible Data-Dissolution, modern medicine can now no longer sustain itself, because it will never restore the shrunken live-Potential with all the progress. The art of medicine, psychology, therapy is that it repairs symptoms, pains, diseases… healing is not possible from the outside!”

Only when the Original basis for live is restored, medical measures have sense!
The Healing-Potential are the Resources of the Original Schöpfer-Intelligence!

Use also this New Knowledge for the solution of your problems, diseases, crises!
Read the content of the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search: Knowledge to the Point

In my studies, I recognized the secret of the MENSCH, the life, the nature live on earth basically takes place through Emotions = feelings, which enlivens the senses. But for thousands of years humans repress their Emotions more and more, live brain-, mind-controlled and analyze, psychologize the fed Emotions in the brain, instead of erleben them. The not Erlebte = repressed is locked away as a file in the BLACK BOX, from which radioactive Mass was formed in the course of time. The ION-loaded live-Database is now completely overloaded, explodes and radiates radioactively in the body of all humans worldwide = cancer, virus. This constant Cell-Explosion is the cause of all interpersonal conflicts, problems, diseases, cancer, crises, wars, viruses, hunger… live-Data are the mortgage that every human erlebt as pain in the body for life. Neither the sky, nor AI, clouds, medicine erase the agonizing Data-Pain!

Elisa Dorandt Evolutionsforscherin

Ilse Elisa Dorandt

Opens the Leherstuhl for live
Evolution-Re-Search MENSCH, live-pioneer, author

This Akademie is the licence for live

I reached in my Re-Search, for the first time, the exploding fire of the repressed Emotions in the live-Database and offer an individual cause-solution… The content of my lively Re-Search is neither known to science, medicine, psychology, the ethics council, nor is this New Knowledge taught…in schools, universities!

„In every plane crash, the BLACK BOX is searched first, where all Data is stored, why do the highly educated humans not know their live-Data BLACK BOX?”

This Akademie is your personal live-study for all areas in life
Life is changing radically… in this sense, all humans who still want to move something and survive should now deal with New Knowledge = contemporary quality.
This L.A. – Award… is the basis for live – Emotional Data Core Competence!
Here, you learn nothing, I show you how to empty your dangerous live-Data-Trash. In the live Akademie you reset for the first time your pictures from your Data-Hard-Drive, what the mind does not grasp. Directly the exploding Data-Salad in the Cell-Milieu dissolves!
In this personal live-study you make your lively “Master of live“!

The MENSCH is the crown of the Schöpfung

Practice of live Akademie – live-Management.7D

With the elaborate medical research, humans worldwide are sicker than ever, incurably healthy and looking for alternatives. For 30 years I have been bringing light to the dark ignorant: humans come with a wide variety of life-problems: fears, panic phobias, mental suffering, stress, mobbing, violence, partnership crises, parenting problems, burnout, diseases, cancer, who only function in a foreign-determined way, or no longer understand the world. Who see themselves as climate or “corona” victims, looking for perspectives for their lives: No matter what burdens the humans, they solve directly the cause = the toxic live-Data, which explode every second in the organs!

In the Data-Reset the dangerous Data-Trash is transformed directly into live-Potential. Your wonderful body heals itself biochemically in the 7th Dimension = active live-Potential.
You gain Emotional Data-Core-Competence – contemporary quality of life!

Epochal break-in “COVID 19: New Knowledge in the scientific – insanity: ich-App
Clarification for the MENSCH… scientists, virologists, politicians…
The way out of the pandemic: I have, for the first time, decoded the Virus-Data-Code = the cause, the answer to the million dollar question: where does the virus come from?
I show you how to escape the “Corona Blues”!
Knowledge to the Point

Emotional Data-Core-Competence is the live-basis for protection & security!
Click on the red dots in the header animation, then you will see how with every Emotional interaction in the body your Virus-Data-Network reacts-explodes!

In the Data-Reset I show you the way out of the life-threatening Data-Hell!
Use the Reset for the Resource MENSCH!

Read my practice book leben pure
or order your ich-App
Make the 2-day Kurs für leben, the greatest adventure in the 7th Dimension!

I look forward to you

Elisa Dorandt

Elisa Dorandt

Your Life-Data is not written on parchment, only on your skin…
Data do not lie!
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