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The basis of the live-Akademie is the empiric Ilse Elisa Dorandt Re-Search
In 20-years Ilse Elisa Dorandt researched for the first time the Original Schöpfer MENSCH, his Life-Database discovered and its life-threating consequences recognized!

The Novelty = Original Knowledge
Elisa Dorandt: “In my studies I recognized the Original-Secret of the MENSCH, the life, the nature. I dared for the first time in the fire of the atomically charged Life-Data = the radioactive rays in the body, which no science, medicine, psychology, philosophy… does!”

That what humans erleben daily… every Emotion originates from their own Life-Data.
Everything… what the MENSCH created on earth, corresponds to his construction plan, his bio-chemistry: CO2-Emission, nuclear power plants, climate heating, environmental damage, space travel, pandemics…
Not genes, external circumstances, only the self-fed Data in the body determine everything.
Life-Data never lie… no matter how many times you die… death extinguishes the body, your Life-Data remain stored here on earth forever, until all are redeemed with compound interest.
This Hypothec is erlebt by all human as a body-pain lifelong.
Neither heaven, nor clouds erase the tormenting Data-Pain!

Read the content of the Elisa Dorandt Re-Search: Knowledge to the Point

Now you know, that exclusively your Life-Data-Mass determines your whole life, behavior, diseases, is responsible for psyche, climate, environment, crises…
Only the exploding Life-Data in the body make dissatisfied, ill, crises, pestilences, discharge themselves emotionally in thoughts, words, feelings – multiply themselves in digital networks!

The MENSCH is the crown of the Schöpfung

My educational mission for Human Growth – Value-Creation
Vital Clarification: „Every MENSCH designs himself, from his million-years of Data-Salad!”
This Re-Search opens up for you the 7th Dimension as a contemporary Life-Basis.
The law of one’s own Life-Data differs from the legal constitution!

In this Akademie you will get THE answer to existential questions of life: where do I come from, where am I going, who does my life belong to and the clarification in case of diseases, personal-global crises!
The content of my lively Re-Search is completely foreign to science, medicine, psychology, the ethics council, is neither taught in schools, nor in university…!
Here you receive your L.A. – Award for Emotional Data-Core-Competence!

In this Akademie your personal live-study for all areas of life begins!
„In every plane crash, the first thing that is searched for is the BLACK BOX where all the data are stored, the highly educated humans know neither their BLACK BOX nor their Life-Data!
The Oscar for “the life of the others” should have reminded us, that no one lives his own life.
humans live in the others or for the others, control their and the Emotions of others… discuss, analyze psychologize and don’t know, that they constantly talk about their own threatening charged Data-Trash, which multiples life-threateningly and creates even more conflicts!”

In the “Kurs für leben“ you open your BLACK BOX for the first time, recognize your ill-making atomically charged Life-Data in the body and get to know, how you easily dissolve the radioactive radiation by yourself. Afterwards, you feel like newly born, relieved and erlebst the lightness of being!

Elisa Dorandt Evolutionsforscherin

Ilse Elisa Dorandt

Opens the Leherstuhl for living
Evolutionary-Research HUMAN-BEING, live-pioneer, author

This Akademie is the licence for living

In the live Akademie you reset for the first time your pictures from the Data-Hard-Drive, which the mind cannot grasp. Directly the cause = the exploding Life-Data-Trash dissolves in the Cell-Environment!
In this personal live-Study you make your lively “Master of live“!

Practice of live Akademie – Life-Management 7D

“For 30 years I have been practicing the Life-Secret of Data-Dissolution in the live Akademie:
Humans come with a wide variety of life problems: Fears, panic phobias, psychological suffering, stress, mobbing, violence, partnership crises, parenting problems, burnout, diseases, cancer, who only function in a foreign-determined way, or no longer understand the world. Who see themselves as climate-, or “Corona”-victims, looking for perspectives for their lives.
Today humans worldwide are sicker than ever, incurably healthy!”

In the Reset you transform yourseelf Data-Trash into Life-Potential, that changes directly the biochemistry. Your wonderfull body heals itself in the 7th Dimension and activates the Original Potential.
You gain Emotional Data-Core-Competence = a New Life-Quality!

This pandemic is the most brutal evolutionary break of the humankind
New Knowledge in the scientific “COVID-19” – virus insanity.

Clarification for the MENSCH… supplements for Scientists, Virologists, Politicians….

The way out of the pandemic: I have, for the first time, decoded the Virus-Data-Code = the cause and thereby the Million-Dollar-Answer to the question: “Where does the virus come from?”
Read about this Evolutionary 1 solution:
Emotional Data-Core-Competence is the Life-Basis for protection & security!

Click on the red dots in the header animation, then you will see how every Emotional interaction in the body opens your viral Data-Network!

Humans, who recognize the wake-up call of the times can now choose in the live Akademie for the first time: Finally wake up – dissolve the dangerous Life-Data in the Data-Reset, or continue to be victims of their Data-Hell!

Use this Data-Reset: the Resource MENSCH

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Read the book leben pure
or order your ich-App
Make the 2-day Kurs für leben, the greatest adventure in the 7th Dimension!

I’m looking forward to you

Elisa Dorandt

Elisa Dorandt

Your Life-Data is not written on parchment, only on your skin…
Data do not lie!
>> Knowledge to the Point