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The basis of the live-Akademie is the empiric Elisa Dorandt Research
In 20 years of research, the Life-Database in the HUMAN-BEING was discovered by Elisa Dorandt for the first time. A novelty for Original-Knowledge!

In her studies, Elisa Dorandt recognized the Primordial-Secret of the HUMAN-BEING, the life, the nature.
She dared to examine the “burning issue” of the fuel-charged Life-Data for the first time, which neither science, nor medicine, psychology, philosophy… teaches.

Everything, which humans experience daily, is determined by the own Life-Data.
Life-Data never lie… are not deleted even in death, remain always and forever!
Firstly read the Elisa Dorandt’s research: Knowledge to the Point

Elisa Dorandt: „Now, you know that exclusively the Life-Data-Mass determines your whole life, behaviour, diseases, is responsible for the climate, the environment, crises.
Only the exploding Data in your body make dissatisfied, sick, crises, pestilences and erupt emotionally in thoughts, words – multiply in digital networks!“

My educational mission for Human Growth – Value Creation
Vital Clarification: „Every HUMAN-BEING designs his life, his body by himself from his million-years of Data-Salad!”

This Research opens up the 7th Dimension as a contemporary basis for life for humankind.
The law of one’s own Life-Data differs from the political constitution.
This Prae Re-Search reforms the HUMAN-BEING in all areas of life, is independent, non-partisan, plagiarism-free, non-denominational!

In this Akademie you will get THE answer to existential questions of life: where do I come from, where am I going, who does my life belong to and the solution in case of diseases, personal-global crises!
The content of this lively Research is completely foreign to science, medicine, psychology, the ethics council, is neither taught in schools, nor in university…!
Here you receive your L.A. – Award for Emotional Data-Core-Competence!

This world’s first lively Prae Historical Re-Search is clarification:
Emotional frustration, aggression, insults, diseases, cancer, terror, worldwide crises, the climate-change, even “Corona” cannot be solved with intelligent knowledge. Now, an invisible pestilence-tsunami overruns all humans worldwide, deprives them of their breath, the basis of life and their “artificially perfect world” collapses like a house of cards. Now, everyone needs clarification: Emotional-Data-Core-Competence instead of protection from the outside. This contemporary life-compass guides you through these changes. With this New Knowledge you will get easier through the exhausting daily life!

In this Akademie your personal live-study for all areas of life begins!
„In every plane crash, the first thing that is searched for is the BLACK BOX where all the data is stored, the highly educated HUMAN-BEING knows neither his BLACK BOX nor his Life-Data!
The Oscar for “the life of the others” should have reminded us, that no one lives his own life.
Humans live in the others or for the others, control their and the emotions of others… discuss, analyse and don’t know, that they constantly bottle up with even more life-threatening, atomically charged Data-Trash, which always creates conflicts!”

In the “Kurs für leben“, you open your BLACK BOX for the first time and clean up the ill-making Data.
Afterwards, you feel like newly born, relieved and experience the lightness of being!

Elisa Dorandt Evolutionsforscherin

Elisa Dorandt

Opens the Le(h)erstuhl for living
Evolutionary-Research HUMAN-BEING, live-pioneer, author

This Akademie is the licence for living

The personal live-study is your living alternative, the “Master of live”.
This New Knowledge is experiencing pure, without trained knowledge, AI, medical know-how!

Unbelievable but true… on the drip of science, pharma- high-tech-medicine, politics, people today are more dissatisfied, helpless, aggressive – depressed and sicker than ever, incurably healthy. In our foreign-determined way of life – seemingly perfect world, no one knows how to dissolve his sickening, emotionally heated Data-Trash.
In the live Akademie you “reset” your Data-Hard-Drive cell-intelligently for the first time, which the intellect cannot grasp. Thereby, the cause = the exploding fuel in the Cell-Milieu dissolves.

In the Reset you transform Data-Trash into Live-Potential by yourself, this changes the biochemistry, heals the body cell-intelligently in the 7th Dimension and your Creator-Potential = immune system is active. In this way, you gain Emotional Data-Core-Competence, which is urgently needed now!

The HUMAN-BEING is the Crown of Creation

Practice of the live Akademie – Contemporary Life-Management 7D

„For 30 years I have been practicing the Life-Secret of Data-Dissolution in the live Akademie. People come with a wide variety of life-problems: Fears, panic phobias, psychological suffering, stress, mobbing, violence, partnership crises, educational problems, burnout, diseases, cancer, who are determined by others and only function, or who do not understand the world anymore. Until today, doctors, therapists, psychologists, coaches… should make all this go away, repair it, treat it, heal it or reprograme it… “

The cause of all human problems, diseases is always repressed Emotional Data-Trash, which constantly explodes in the Body-BLACK BOX and is resolved here for the fist time!

In case of cancer, the Life-Data-Trash is already radioactively enriched, which explodes like an atomic bomb in the Body-Cells – in resonance, humans are treated with nuclear-medicine.
New Knowledge for the atomic Stem-Data-Solution in case of cancer or “Corona”.
The Kurs für leben is the healing path and the salvation of humanity!

In the live Akademie, everyone experiences New Knowledge and makes the “Master of live”!
In the Reset you clean your Data, so that live comes into life…
you feel pure in amazing joy of life!

Emotional Data-Core-Competence live Akademie:
1. Every emotion results from one’s own Data-System, others are always only triggers.
2. The emotionally triggered Life-Data must be dissolved in the second by yourself.
3. Only then does the Cell-Intelligence biochemically dissolve the Data-Trash forever!

Use this Human Data-Reset:

[Actually the following offers are available only in German language.]
Read the book leben pure
or order your ich-App
The 2-day Kurs für leben is the greatest adventure in the 7th Dimension.

Data-Cleaning Offers

Living Biology-Medicine
In former times, war took place in the outside, today the fuel is exploding atomically in the war of the cells!
Only if you reset your exploding Emotional-Data, your life-threatening Software in the Cell-Milieu changes. This is the cell-intelligent cause-solution for life-crises, injuries, diseases… instead of letting the problem repeatedly being externally treated!

Cell-Intelligent Body-Forming – Charismatic Beauty
With the CellWellness-Formula for nutrition you have a new body within 3 months.
Emotions are our “daily bread”…the perpetual triggering Data-Hunger needs food.
Fitness & well-being by Emotional Data-Dissolution… without starving, dieting.
This lively Fresh-Cell-Cure activates the metabolic-system, the immune system!

Business & Management – Communication 7D
Computer, AI, smartphones are only technical tools for the humans, not Life-Substitutions.
Old, well-known leadership structures, manipulation-, motivation-coachings don’t solve today’s crises.
Humans have to find, develop their very own Potential – their capabilities, again.
For that, we need the ultimate supreme discipline = Emotional Data-Core-Competence!

The Solution for Climate, Environmental Crises
The earth has been healthy at its core for billions of years….
the HUMAN-BEING rarely reaches 100… who has to save whom?
Only the Emotional Life-Climate of the humans is in danger, not the earth!
Only when the humans will dissolve the cause = their exploding Life-Data-Trash, will the climate in the humans change worldwide and in resonance the climate on earth!

The way out of Pandemic-Error
Why does Brain-less virus invade highly intelligent Brain-oriented humans?
This IONS’-tsunami in the breath is life-threatening – not aerosols.
This “pathogen” moves in the Data-Loop of experienced Emot-IONS… the groundhog greets eternally!
The pathogen-mutation has already won!
Hope always dies… fears remain!
Emotional Data-Core-Competence is the basis for protection & security!

Every HUMAN-BEING is and remains always & eternally Creator of himself, but today he identifies himself with the sum of his charged information = emotions, education, status.
Only in the live Akademie can everyone choose: Finally wake up – recognize his dangerous Life-Data, dissolve it in the Reset or burn in the fire of his exploding Body-Data!
This extraordinary Kurs für leben is your personal Fresh-Cell-Cure!
New Knowledge gives everyone, especially the next generation, a sustainable future!

Click on the red dots in the header animation and you will see how every emotional interaction in the body opens up your viral Data-Network.
When the exploding IONS are active in many humans, super-spreading occurs!

The Human Reset of the own Life-Databank is my profession!
This live Akademie is my homage to your life

I look forward to you

Elisa Dorandt

Elisa Dorandt

Your Life-Data is not written on parchment, only on your skin…
Data do not lie!
>> Knowledge to the Point